Darkstation Podcast with lots of background info

I recently did a lengthy podcast interview the great folks over at Darkstation and I thought I’d let you all know that the podcast is now live on their site in the “Darkcast” section.

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The podcast has the title Making Zombies with Fire and covers a lot of ground. Not only did we talk about my current game project, Deathfire, but also about some of the games and projects I’ve worked before, including a brief discourse into my literary forays with the Jason Dark dime novels.

Interestingly, the discussion also revolved around things such as general game design philosophies and how my approach has changed over the years, as well as other very interesting topics that fans of my games may find interesting. So, waste no more time. Head over to the Darkstation Darkcast and listen for yourself.


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  1. Moorkh

    Too bad I have no taste fot podcasts. ;(
    Are you planning to follow up on it with a new dev blog soon? You still owe us that promised title reveal… 😉

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