Gord Rollo praises the Jason Dark series

This morning I received a note by horror writer Gord Rollo that I thought I’d share with you real quick. It is a blurb that he wrote for my Jason Dark series of his own accord — meaning, I did not ask him for a blurb!

Naturally, I feel very flattered that a well-known and traditionally published writer took enough notice of my stories that he actually took the time to write about it. So, here it goes…

“I’ll admit it; I’m a sucker for gothic horror adventures and believe they’re a sub-genre woefully neglected these days. Thankfully Guido Henkel knows how to skillfully and smoothly lure his readers from the gore-drenched pages of today’s fiction back in time to Victorian England where the demons and monsters and vampires stalk the fog-shrouded cobblestone streets of a simpler yet deadly period in history. With Jason Dark, ghost hunter and paranormal investigator, Guido has created a hero for the ages; a fearless avenger of evil keeping England safe from the things that slither and creep within the shadows of the night. So put on your overcoat and top hat and hail yourself a Hansom Cab; you’re about to set forth on a journey unlike anything you’ve experienced since the days of Watson and Holmes. Hang on tight. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love the ride. Highly recommended!”

Gord Rollo
Author of Valley Of The Scarecrow and The Jigsaw Man

Needless to say that I fell very flattered by his comments.

In other news, I wanted to let you all know that it is time for me to raise the price of Curse of Kali to its intended $2.99. If you haven’t bought the book yet, make sure to grab a copy right now, while it is still only 99 cents and before the distribution outlets all update their prices.

I also want to point out, however, that Demon’s Night will remain at a 99 cent price point. I am positioning that particular book — the first adventure featuring Jason Dark — to make it more attractive for people to start reading their way into the series.


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