Unexpected kudos for “Theater of Vampires!”

On some days you just feel like the world is coming to a standstill for a short moment, giving you the opportunity to relish that single moment just a little bit longer than usual. Such a moment happened to me this morning when I received another blurb about one of my books.

It is always fascinating and very reassuring when you receive little tidbits of acclaim from fellow authors, but when it comes from someone who is universally considered one of the best, it just takes your breath away.

Here is the blurb I received this morning in regards to my Jason Dark supernatural mystery, Theater of Vampires.

“This is the book I wish I had written!” — Bram Stoker, author of DRACULA

I believe, no more words are needed here…


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  1. Georg

    Afraid i don’t get the joke. Stoker’s long deceased. Someone care to explain? Honest question here, sorry. I don’t get it.

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