Happy New Year

Although I’m a little late, I didn’t want to be remiss in wishing all of my visitors, fans and readers a happy new year. So here you go… Happy New Year!

With the old year behind us, it is time for me to look forward and make plans for 2012, decide what I want to do, how I want to tackle certain problems, how to overcome various obstacles. It’ll be interesting to see how this year will turn out, especially in the light that none of the things I had planned for 2011 really panned out. It proves to me once again that strategic forward planning in an industry that is not only unpredictable but driven by other companies is truly a waste of time. I mean how can you create a sensible business plan when all the parameters are out of one’s control… waste of time, like I said.

Nonetheless, there are goals I wish to achieve in 2012 and they are essentially the exact same ones I had for 2011. Funny, isn’t it? Feels like deja vu. Like I just wasted an entire year. The entire year of 2011 was stagnant for me, without any growth. Oh well, let’s hope 2012 will be better.

At long last, Literary Landmark Press, the publisher behind the “Spirit of Poe” Anthology, to which I have contributed a short story, has finally unveiled a release date for the anthology. Arriving on January 19, fans of the American master of macabre literature will be able to see how Poe’s stories and spirit have influenced writers across the country and infused us with images and elements of terror.

Make sure to grab a copy to support the cause that all of us contributors felt so strongly about, namely the preservation of the original Poe House in Baltimore. You can pre-order copies now at the Literary Landmark Press website.

Those of you interested in my Jason Dark mysteries will also be pleased to hear that Fu Man Chu’s Vampire, the next Jason Dark book, is with my editor at this time to get its final polish. With things moving along the way they are, I am confident that I will be able to release the title later this month. Unfortunately I have no cover for it. The response to the Cover Contest I set up a month ago has been extremely slim, unfortunately, and none of the submissions met my approval. So, it seems that for the next weeks, until the release of the book, I will have to get cranking on a cover and see what I can come up with. In a way I am very tempted to take it into a completely different direction than the previous ones, just for the fun of it, but who knows. I’ll have to find some time and play around with Photoshop a little.

Stay tuned for more about Fu Man Chu’s Vampire in the coming days and weeks.


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